Do not modify the directory and again, click the “Next” button.
To start Flower, double-click on the Flower icon on the desktop.
The setup is finished when the following message appears. Click on the “Finish” button.
Do not modify the components selection and click on the “Next” button.
Error message(s)
When launching Flower, the following message is displayed: « Cette application n’a pas pu démarrer car mclmcrrt74.dll est introuvable. La réinstallation de cette application peut corriger ce problème. »
Solution: MCRInstaller.exe must be installed on the computer in order to execute the Flower program.
Uninstall Flower program
Flower program and MATLAB® Component Runtime should be uninstalled using the Windows standard uninstall process: open the configuration panel and double-click on “Install/Uninstall programs”. Then find and select the program to remove and follow the instructions.
If the following dialog box appears, click on the “Execute” button.
When the setup program displays this message, click the “Next” button.
Flower installation help
Open the directory where you have saved the Flower Setup program and double-click on flower.exe icon.
Flower Download and Installation Help Page
Downloading the programs help
Click on the link (MCRInstaller.exe or flower.exe).
A dialog box like this one will appear:
If not, click with the right button on the link and choose “Save as...”.
Click on “Save as” button and select a directory. Select “My Documents” directory to easy access the setup program.
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